We provide pharmaceutical products worldwide in an efficient, fast and flexible way, offering first-class customer service and competitive prices. We aim to be your partner of reference for distribution and logistics within the pharmaceutical sector: laboratories, pharmacies, patients and consumers. Our P&F Pharma brand is synonymous with quality and expertise.


We have over 21 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, collaborating with the main manufacturers in the field and helping our customers to achieve their goals.

Tec Pharma Europe has decided to go one step further in its line of business and has established a partnership with Desma Healthcare laboratories.

This collaboration has allowed us to have the exclusive rights of Testex for the Persian Gulf area and to have a strategic partner within several markets in which Desma operates such as Italy, Spain and Switzerland. This way, we are able to complete our work as an intermediary.

All this has been possible thanks to the experience of our managers, since they have been part of the board of directors of other pharmaceutical companies in the Persian Gulf for over 10 years.

We are currently working to bring our own brand, Tec Pharma Europe to market and operate under our own formulation.